Digital Art – NFT and Print1

Digital art, but NOT AI art, minted as Solana NFT, collection sold at Digital Eyes.

NFT abstract art by Naomi

They are also available as prints in the Art Majeur website.

My journey into the NFT world in 2021 was a curious adventure that I embarked on with my personal project, under the name Orange Calcite.

I had been nurturing a collection of abstract art for years, and my curiosity about the NFT market led me to explore this new frontier.

With enthusiasm, I decided to transform my artworks into Solana NFTs.

While I didn’t become an overnight millionaire, the experience was invaluable.

It was more than just about financial gains; it was about the new experience of navigating the NFT ecosystem, connecting with a community of creators and collectors, and witnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Each NFT I minted carried a piece of my artistic journey, and that alone made it all worthwhile.