Logo Design – Silver Package

This bespoke logo design service is tailored to meet your brand’s unique identity and aesthetic requirements. Check full list of features here.

E-mail me before hiring. I will understand your project and send delivery deadlines.

£ 345,00

50% Deposit : £ 172,50. The other 50% will be charged after your final approval, before we deliver your files.

What is included in package Logo Design Silver

Logo Variations

Primary Logo: The main logo design that represents your brand in its full form. This will be the most detailed version, suitable for large displays, websites, and print materials.

Secondary Logo: A simplified version of the primary logo, specifically designed for small spaces. This is ideal for social media profiles, app icons, and other areas where space is limited but brand recognition is essential.

A comprehensive list of colours used in the logo design, including their technical names and specifications (such as HEX codes, RGB values, and CMYK values). This ensures consistency across all your brand materials.

In addition to colour variations, provide black-and-white versions of the logo, which are useful for applications that do not support colours.

PDF: High-quality vector file suitable for both print and digital use.
PNG: Raster image with a transparent background, perfect for web use.
JPG: Standard raster image, ideal for general use in digital and print media.
EPS or Adobe Illustrator (AI): Scalable vector files that can be edited and resized without loss of quality, ideal for professional printing and further modifications.

Check your logo design in mockups that simulate the use in real life objects.

You will also verify the use of your logo in white and black background. When necessary, we suggest few changes in color in order to better fit contrasting backgrounds.

1 – Consultation: We start with a detailed consultation to understand your brand, vision, and specific requirements.

2 – Concept Development: Based on the consultation, we create 2 logo concepts that reflect your brand identity. You will have the opportunity to choose one, review and provide feedback.

3 – Final Delivery: Once the design is finalized, we prepare and deliver the logo files in the specified formats.

Full copyright ownership of the approved version and  after last payment is made.

I am committed to delivering high-quality designs that meet professional standards and exceed your expectations.

In the second stage of the process, called concept development, if you do not like the proposed design, you can cancel the project and receive parte of your deposit back. Check our Terms of Services for more information.

I take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor my approach accordingly.

My designs are versatile and adaptable, ensuring they look great across all platforms and mediums.

More details about your project


Delivery time varies depending on the project and our schedule availability.

Before Hiring

Please get in touch before hiring so we can send you your project deadlines.

How to pay

Deposit of 50%. The remainder is paid after last approval, before files delivery.

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“Excellent to work with Naomi, she is an incredible partner who is always diligent and assertive in her recommendations. A pleasure to work with the company!!”


“Excellent service! Very attentive and competent professional.”