Signature Logo

I have selected a few portfolio examples of signature logos  I designed for different clients.

Logo Design for Plastic Surgeon

Professional logo designer work for Brazilian doctor

I had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Fabio to create his brand identity and website.   Logo Design I crafted a distinctive logo that captures the essence of Dr. Fabio’s practice, conveying professionalism and trust. Using a serif font paired with gold colors in the design evokes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. […]

Responsive Logo

Logo designed for car company. Badge style.

Responsive logo design is crucial in today’s digital landscape. A logo is the visual anchor of a brand, and it needs to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. A responsive logo ensures that your brand remains recognizable and impactful whether it’s viewed on a large desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone.  By […]

Logo Design

Logo design for nutritionist

Vibrant, healthy and natural! The logo design process began with an initial interview during which I inquired about all the details she wanted in her logo: desired colors, goal of her work, inspirational images, and more. Later, we crafted a badge-style logo with the intention of incorporating the colors and communication purpose she had requested. […]