Brand Guide for Consultancy Company

A brand guide, also known as a brand style guide, is a critical tool for maintaining consistency and ensuring that a brand’s identity is effectively communicated across all mediums and touchpoints.


We worked in this client brand guide for an existing logo design, in order to help the correct use of their brand assets in varied media, by different professionals.


I would recommend a brand guide for any company that has to keep their brand with consistency, professionalism, efficiency, and recognition. It helps employees and other services providers in the right usage of their assets.

A brand guideline example that teaches how to use fonts - by Naomi Designer
Brand guide for consultancy company - by Naomi Designer

Main Components of this Brand Guidelines:

1. Logo Usage: Rules for logo variations, clear space, minimum size, and proper placement.

2. Color Palette: The primary and secondary color choices, including their hex or Pantone codes.

3. Typography: Specification of the fonts used in branding materials, including headings and body text.

4. Usage Across Media: Recommendations for applying the brand identity to various media, including digital, print, and signage.

5. Brand History and Values: A brief history of the brand and its core values, which can help inform messaging and decision-making.

6. Guidelines for External Partners: Instructions for agencies, designers, and partners on how to work within the brand’s guidelines.

We have moved and placed this logo elements in order to display a harmonic spacement among elements.