Responsive Logo

Logo designed for car company. Badge style.

Responsive logo design is crucial in today’s digital landscape. A logo is the visual anchor of a brand, and it needs to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. A responsive logo ensures that your brand remains recognizable and impactful whether it’s viewed on a large desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone.  By […]

Portfolio Site for Artist

Web design, UI, implementation and maintenance for Nossa Magia, artist portfolio.

Website for Brazilian artist Morgana Lino. Blog 4 different portfolio pages Contact page Website delivered with training Hosted at Hostinger company


Flat art - Brazilian Illustrator and designer

We have made these flat art vector illustrations to sell under the Brinomi name at Shutterstock. They are happy and diverse, if you want to use them, check this link. Happy Faces

Logo Design

Logo design for nutritionist

Vibrant, healthy and natural! The logo design process began with an initial interview during which I inquired about all the details she wanted in her logo: desired colors, goal of her work, inspirational images, and more. Later, we crafted a badge-style logo with the intention of incorporating the colors and communication purpose she had requested. […]

Site Development

Web design portfolio item. Site pages constructed for a fashion school.

Presentation site for a traditional fashion school UI was designed by another professional. I was responsible for the development with Bootstrap. I took care to keep the same url structure because the site already had a nice position in the search engines